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the get together: a 4 day womxn's festival

  • Plattsville, Ontario Canada (map)

A revolutionary 3 night / 4 day festival taking place an hour and a half outside of Toronto, Canada near Kitchener-Waterloo. This inaugural year we will gather hundreds of women, to honour and celebrate the diversity of what it means to identify as a woman through intensive learning, live music, art, experiential dining, movement, meditation and moments of deep connection in nature. We believe that just by existing you have wisdom worth sharing. That is why, unlike any other festival, The Get Together will provide you (and every attendee) with a platform to share your unique passion or expertise in one of five ways: teaching a workshop, doing a live performance, volunteering, submitting art for our onsite art gallery or suggesting a way if none of our’s resonate with your particular passion. We call this act of inspired contribution to our community: wisdomsharing. Buy your ticket here.


Join me and the Good Space crew hosting two movement workshops:

Liberate Your Lions

Movement as Permaculture