*gets high on her own supply

Krista feels the infinite pulse coursing through all that is and encourages her students to get curious about that which is unseen but felt; to negotiate polarities in some kind of way so we come out radiantly alive with a deeper connection and trust in self. She approaches the teachings with reverence and delight and endeavours to keep it light and full of support for our indivisible uniqueness. Her interests include urban agriculture and horticultural therapy which lend to a reclaiming of a lost connection with nature. She believes that a mindfulness practice and a connection with self through the natural world will provide us with the means to reset and recharge ourselves. That when we are awake, we have a sense of participation with the world. It's our work to acknowledge our humanness and our godliness and uplift and elevate all those we come in contact with. 

Krista is currently pursuing a designation in Horticultural Therapy with the Canadian Horticultural Therapy Association. She is a certified Horticultural Therapist and practices Therapeutic Horticulture in greenhouses and urban farms around Toronto.

Krista’s Education:

  • Hatha Yoga 500hr

  • KRI: Kundalini Yoga 200hr

  • MISFITMETHOD Pilates 200hr

  • Vinyasa Yoga 85hr

  • KRI: 21 Stages of Meditation 60hr

  • Yin Yoga 50hr

  • Kula Yoga Sequencing + Anatomy 30hr

  • Trauma Informed Yoga 15hr

  • Yoga Detour Method 10hr

  • Sky Ting: Advanced Tao of Ting 10hr