Kundalini  energizing

combines pranayam (breath exercises), kriya (physical exercise), deep relaxation, meditation, and mantra (chanting) for elevating purposes. uses distinct sequencing for specific outcomes to target both the physical and subtle bodies. builds awareness from the inside out. all levels. 

Hatha  foundational

a physical practice that works through foundational shapes. challenges the polarities that exist within. all levels. 

Yin  passive

long deep holds to relax and restore joints and muscles. expect to hold shapes for 3-5 minutes. a meditative practice to open up fascial tissue and consciously move towards a more responsive (rather than reactive) state of being. all levels. 

Vinyasa  fluid

a smooth yet challenging varied sequence that links movement with breath. moderately vigorous, choreographed, and themed. recommended to have a foundational practice so there is a level of comfort with safe alignment and transitions. intermediate. 

Yang Yin  balanced

encompasses an active (yang) and a passive (yin) practice to ease the steadiness of the mind and body. yang to build heat and strength. yin to create flexibility and mobility. 

Meditation  illuminating 

an opportunity to take out the garbage of your subconscious mind and see the miraculous in the ordinary. a chance to be open, be vast, be clear, and be clean from a place of non-attachment, acceptance, compassion, and with a neutral mind.  

Available for private, semi-private, and group instruction. Please contact for negotiable semi-private and group rates. 

Private rates: $120  |  5 for $550  |  10 for $1000  |  good for one year